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ezbook Configuration Worksheet

1.Introduction #

This worksheet provides a guide for ezbook Administrators to configure their site.

2.Step 1: Configure your organizations details #

The Resource Group Name entered here will appear on the Booking Page above the Resource list as a drop-­‐down box to select all or specific group lists.

3.Step 2: Enter your user groups, users and configure their rights #

User Groups

If you want to group your users, give User Group names (add more if required)

User list

List all your organizations staff members. Include e-­‐mail address wherever possible for easy notification options. (add more if required)

4.Step 3: Create Resource Groups, Types and resources #

What Resource groups are needed (if any)? (E.g. Boston, New York )

Resource Type List (add more if required)

Resource List (add more if required)

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