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ezbook – Frequently Asked Questions

1.How private is my reservation information? #

ezbook is committed to ensuring the privacy and security of all your data. The security measures include:

  • Three levels of user identification (ORGANIZATION ID, USER ID and PASSWORD) for access
  • Restriction of management functions to designated administrators
  • Logging and backups of all transactions
  • Encryption of passwords
  • Secure communication over the internet via SSL

2.Does EZBook keep history? #

Scheduling history for the most recent 30 days is available on-line. (Detailed reservation history is archived for a year and can be accessed by special arrangement with ezbook support).

3.Are there limitations on the number of users and resources for one subscription? #

For one ezbook subscription (as approved by ezbook Sales and if your contract so specifies) you are welcome to use ezbook for as many users as you need and for up to 10 resources. However, rates are approved and negotiated depending on whether your company is an end-user or a vendor for the service (reseller).

4.How difficult is it to set up a resource and make a reservation? #

Setting up resources, which is the task of the Site Administrator, is very simple for anyone who is familiar with the basic computer functions incorporated in common Windows applications. Once the system is set up by the Site Administrator, the day-to‐day usage is very simple for anyone who can click a mouse.

5.Can ezbook be hosted on an Intranet? #

Although ezbook is designed for use from intranets with Internet connections, the system cannot be hosted on an intranet, it is a cloud based service. Hosting on the Internet gives access from anywhere, facilitates easy upgrading and allows the service to be provided at low cost to the user.

6.Can ezbook be used for reserving locations for seminars, conferences and weddings? #

ezbook is ideal for reserving locations for seminars, conferences and weddings. Organizations such as convention centre, churches and clubs can also conveniently schedule the use of their resources with ezbook.

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