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Hand Sanitizer

Our quick-absorbing hand sanitizer gel helps you nourish your hands killing all the germs and bacteria naturally.

Product Details

As COVID-19 spread panic is spreading at a much higher rate, you need an effective hand sanitizer that can keep you safe during this pandemic.

Applicable for every kind of skin type, our natural hand sanitizer kills almost all germs without stripping your skin. Formulated with aloe vera to keep your hands moisturized, our sanitizer is proven to elevate your hand cleaning experience.


Description:                               Sanitizer Gel

Package Quantity                     10

Size                                             500 ml, 750 ml, 1L and 5L

Certification/Approval              Health Canada Approved


Formulated with aloe vera to keep your hands moisturized and soften your skin

Contains 70% alcohol to eliminate germs by 99.99%.

Scented with an essential oil blend to maximize your hand cleaning experience.

Quick and easy way for sanitizing and protecting hands

No need to use water, soap or rinsing

Kills common disease-causing germs and bacteria within seconds

Dries quickly without leaving residue

Nourish your hands and prevent the spread of germs with our proven hand sanitizer antiseptic gel.

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