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Business Management Solutions for all industries.

Commercial Fleet

Maximize productivity, improve driver safety and better manage your mobile workforce with industry-leading fleet management solutions.

  • Optimize fleet and asset operations
  • Manage vehicle maintenance
  • Connect mobile workforces
  • Improve communications and driver safety
  • Maintain compliance with government mandates

Facility Management

Monitor and manage your facility efficiently, yet cost effectively. Maintain proper operation of your building systems through condition based and preventative maintenance.

  • Monitor and protect your facility and equipments 24/7
  • Know about the small issues before they become big problems
  • Allocate resources effectively
  • Receive real time alerts via SMS text, email, or voice call
  • View complete history of conditions and perform trend analysis

Government & Education

Reduce costs and improve response times with real-time view of your asset, vehicles, advanced analytics and smart vehicle technology.

  • Manage various building types, multiple sites and vehicles effectively
  • Lower property and vehicle operational costs
  • Secure digital hubs for advanced communications
  • Make more informed mission-critical decisions

Energy, Oil & Gas

Drive operational efficiencies and unlock new insights with secure, scalable and reliable end-to-end connectivity to mobile and fixed assets.

  • Optimize distribution
  • Balance supply and demand
  • Improve demand forecasting
  • Enhance performance and response


Streamline operations with detailed real-time knowledge of asset usage, operator behavior, job estimation and preventive maintenance.

  • Improve business operations
  • Use heavy equipment and assets more effectively
  • Increase operational uptime
  • Secure high-value assets

Pharmacy & Labs

Keep your pharmacy and lab equipments maintained, operating optimally and in compliance with your organization, industry and government regulations.

  • Get almost instant alerts of failing equipments and prevent loss of costly inventory or research
  • Provides a cost-effective way to record all the data you need to satisfy the requirements of auditors and inspectors


Obtain a deep understanding of the environmental conditions affecting your crops and plants and maximize harvest yields.

  • Provide plants and crops the specific conditions they require for optimal growth and health
  • Monitor the environment condition 24/7 and receive real-time alerts before small issues turn into big, expensive problems
  • Save time and money by allocating resources to other high-priority tasks
  • Achieve and maintain regulatory compliance where necessary

Food Services

Get notified of irregularities in the environment and equipment and take corrective action in a timely manner.

Less shutdowns for maintenance emergencies and avoid revenue loss

Reduce spoilage & waste and improve margins

Conform to regulatory compliance

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