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Introduction to Kibog

1.Introduction #

Kibog is an Integrated asset management solution that includes Remote Monitoring, Maintenance & Work Order Management and Inventory Management. It enables asset managers (facility managers, property managers, etc.) to measure and manage the performance & utilization of an asset throughout it’s lifecycle while providing Insights & Analytics for decision making.

Kibog is cloud-based and licenses on a user subscription basis. 

2.Key Features #

Key features of Kibog include Asset Monitoring, Maintenance & Work Order Management, Asset Management and Analytics & Insights.

Asset Monitoring

  • Monitor current location, performance, utilization and condition/health of fixed and mobile assets 24/7 (sensors & gps tracking)
  • Obtain cost savings and better resource utilization through condition based management
  • Real-time alerts and notifications prevent/reduce costly catastrophic events
  • Auto-generate work orders and assign technicians in real-time to prevent/reduce downtime
  • Others…

Maintenance and Work Order Management

  • Maintenance & Work Order Management
  • Preventative maintenance
  • SLA Management
  • Autogenerate work orders from emails
  • Pricing/Estimation and generate Quotes
  • Generate Purchase Orders and track Invoices
  • Customer and Supplier portal
  • Document repository
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Notes and comments
  • Technician scheduling
  • Others…

Asset Management

  • Asset, Parts and Materials Inventory Management
  • Management Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Asset through its lifetime
  • Asset/Resource/Space booking and utilization management
  • Others…

Analytics & Insights

  • Out of the box reports and dashboard
  • Custom reports, dashboard and insights generation

3.Benefits of Kibog #

Kibog is an easy to use scaleable product. Key benefits of Kibog include;

  • No more data silo: Reduces time and effort to produce analytics & insights, facilitates effective SLA management & timely decisions
  • Real-time Alerts and Notifications: Prevents/reduces impact of catastrophic events and quickly dispatch technician
  • Condition based maintenance: Enables effective resource utilization (focus effort on critical items, not based on preventative maintenance schedule)
  • Predictive maintenance: Establishes foundation for understanding trends and preventing catastrophic events
  • Visibility into cost of ownership of assets: Focus effort on cost drivers and optimize operating budget
  • Easy to implement: Cloud-based, easy to use and can co-exist with existing systems and pull data through integrations (if needed)
  • Easy on your wallet: Priced with small and medium businesses in mind

4.Learn more #

You can learn more about Kibog by seeing a no-obligation demo. Click here to submit your request for a demo or email

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