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Kibog Release Notes – August 11, 2019

1.Introduction #

Welcome to another installment of Kibog release notes. We are excited to keep improving your experience with new enhancements, bug fixes and related documents.

This article contains a list of changes that have been made to Kibog on August 11 2019.

2.Update to Margin and Markup Calculations #

Based on feedback received, the calculations for margin and markup have been updated to align with industry standards.

Users will notice changes on the Work Order -> Financial tab -> Pricing & Estimation section.

We have updated this section to show Profit (Sale Price – Cost) and the Markup% (Percentage of Profit / Cost) and Margin% (Percentage of Profit / Sale Price).

When a user goes to create/update the Pricing & estimation, the above details will be visible and auto calculated.

3.Additional Maintenance Management Reports #

Users will have access to additional maintenance management reports. A few example include breakdown of work orders by regions, by type, by priority, etc.

These reports can be accessed via Reports -> Maintenance Management. Access to these reports can be controlled via the access controls module of Kibog.

4.Highlight New Work Orders #

Work orders with the default Work Order Status will have a light green background. This is to indicate that these are new or work orders that haven’t been updated since they were created.

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