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Kibog Release Notes – September 1, 2019

1.Introduction #

Welcome to another installment of Kibog release notes. We are excited to keep improving your experience with new enhancements, bug fixes and related documents.

This article contains a list of changes that have been made to Kibog on September 1, 2019.

2.Users now have the option to assign a task to an internal user (Self Perform) or to an external party or Supplier #

Currently, within a Task, only external parties (Suppliers) can be assigned as Technicians. With this change, we provide users the option to assign a Task to an internal person (Self-Perform) or to an external third-party (existing process). This change provides an organization the ability to split tasks and work orders across their own (in-house) Technicians and external third-party Service Providers.

Now, when a user creates a new Task or edits an existing Task, they will see a new option under the Technician & Instructions section; an option to select Internal Technician or an External Supplier.

When a task is created, by default it is assumed that an internal staff will be assigned as a technician. If the user wants to assign the task to an external 3rd party service provider, they will have to click on the Use External Technician checkbox.

When the Use External Technician checkbox is selected, the page will update and users will now be able to select a Supplier from the drop-down and then select a Technician from the contacts listed for that Supplier.

3.Users dont need to assign a Supplier and Technician to create and update a task #

Users will now be able to create and update tasks without assigning a Supplier or Technician. This will allow users to assign a Technician when they are ready as opposed to assigning one when the task is created at which time they may not know who the Technician could be (and may have to come back to update once decision is made).

The Supplier and Technician fields are no longer mandatory.

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