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Cloud-based, Integrated, Remote Monitoring & Maintenance Management Solution.

Remotely monitor the health and condition of assets, centralize work order information, focus on preventative maintenance, generate analytics & insights and manage the overall cost of ownership of assets.

Kibog provides owners and managers the tools necessary to manage performance & utilization of their assets and execute the maintenance work flow process end-to-end.

Remote Monitoring using sensors and trackers (Monitor Fixed and Mobile Assets)

Real-time visibility into health and status through System Dashboard and Email/Text Alerts

Maintenance & Work Order Management

Asset, Sensors/Trackers, Parts and Materials Management

Analytics & Insights

Why Kibog?


Centralize data – No more data silo

Real-time Alerts and Notifications

Condition-based based maintenance

Improve asset performance

Gain visibility into cost of ownership of asset

Easy to implement and use

Save time and money

Key Features

  • Remote monitoring of assets and gain real-time insights on their health and condition
  • Identify and sort issues by type, region, or responsibility and take corrective action
  • Assign & track multiple trades and tasks per work order
  • Generate quote to customers and release purchase orders to your suppliers
  • Manage customer relationship and performance against service level agreement (SLA)
  • Manage service history & cost by asset and location to better understand budget spend
  • Track and auto-generate work orders for recurring & preventative maintenance activities
  • Manage inventory of assets, parts & materials

Increase customer satisfaction

Maintain audit and regulatory compliance

Improve inventory accuracy

Get updated anywhere anytime

Improve asset utilization and performance

“Kibog’s solution fit our needs very well, both from a functionality and from a price point perspective. The implementation team has been very supportive and responsive to our needs. Their customer focus and delivering on commitments are worth mentioning.”

Gary Steele

Senior Vice President of ION Facility Services Inc.

Reduce cost and improve efficiency with our Asset Monitoring, Maintenance, Work Order, and Asset Management Solution.