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Expand Your IT Support With Kibog’s Professional Services

Your business is implementing various technologies to streamline your processes. The goal is to deliver goods and services more efficiently in order to remain competitive. However, your IT department is already stretched thin due to current projects, staff turnover or rapid company expansion and the backlog of deferred maintenance and to-do items are growing. You know that enhancing current solutions and IoT devices will propel the business forward, yet, you are concerned about the lack of resources available to you to integrate and maintain these latest solutions. Worry no more, now there is a new resource available to help.

Technology update, upgrade and maintenance

Technology is lasting longer. While mostly beneficial from the investment standpoint, it is not stress free. Operations has to perform regular maintenance, updates or hardware upgrades as well as integrate new solutions with legacy ones. Otherwise, outdated or incompatible systems can cause problems with accessing and communicating information. It is critical for businesses to keep their systems online and up to date because:

  • Unexpected disruptions and downtime idles projects and staff
  • Unanticipated repairs are typically more expensive and may include overtime
  • Data could be lost
  • Security or compliance changes could add more risk

Today, users and consumers are able to access Apple stores or an electronics service center for assistance when their device needs to be configured, upgraded or repaired. Similarly, companies have the ability to choose between using their in-house staff and working with an outside vendor. There are pros and cons to both options.

Skill Availability

In regards to in-house staff, the IT department knows your business and internal systems well. They have a vested interest in the success of the company, though, they may be focused on general support and troubleshooting. Additionally, the team could be stretched thin with current projects which could add overtime expenses and businesses often struggle with IT retention.

Outsource Partners

Some situations warrant consulting with an outside service firm, such as during implementation projects or periods of rapid growth. There are cons of course, which can vary by industry. However, a few common concerns are reduced control or ability to monitor work, ownership of the customized outcome and scope creep. These disadvantages can be mitigated somewhat through contract specifications and a complete understanding of what needs to be accomplished.

When researching software and IoT solutions vendor, one item to check is if the vendor offers contract support services? This addition, such as Kibog’s Professional Services, is beneficial for a variety of reasons including:

  • Access to experts – comprehensive knowledge from hardware to software – for the full vertical
  • Reduce maintenance burden of staff
  • Ensure that industry standards, compliance and security are met
  • Access to additional tools and resources
  • Evaluation of the latest technology – relief from doing your own trial/error tests
  • Strategy advisors

Kibog’s Professional Services

This week, Kibog is making our service teams available to you. We have worked on special projects for various clients and feel that access should be open to everyone. You now have access to:

  • Software Development — Collaborate with Kibog to define your unique project scope, evaluate your options and launch the solution.
  • Device Enhancement Services – Tap into Kibog’s full-stack knowledge and skills for hardware and software.
  • Program Management – Gain project leadership to reduce risk through advanced planning guidance. Kibog is accustomed to working with internal teams, partners and contractors to complete a project on time and within budget.
  • Systems Integration – Evaluate and provide a project plan. Use our experience building APIs to connect Kibog’s solutions to standard software across many industries from ERPs to management systems.


When selecting a software and IoT vendor, you should evaluate each contender based on your needs. However, there are some general guidelines to consider: access to support; point(s) of contact – a dedicated person or open call center; experience – years in business and the industry; documented processes; and, if needed, industry references.

Expanding your software solutions and network infrastructure doesn’t need to be extra stressful when you consider the option of tapping into the proprietary vertical knowledge of a vendor. Whether it is help for expansion or just a temporary project, support services from a solution provider help to maintain the health of critical appliances and software. Additionally, the consulting firm has the ability to tailor the solution to suit the needs of your particular business. The result is reduced downtime of company-critical information.

If you would like more information on Kibog’s new Professional Services, please visit our page here or email us at


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